September 1, 2021
by Hannah Carney
Whilst Greater Sydney has been in lockdown for over two months now, it is safe to say Sydney siders are starting to see the light and the end of the tunnel. The NSW premiere Glady’s Berejiklian has announced that some restrictions will ease from 17 October 2021 when NSW reaches 70% vaccination and international travel can presume after 80% vaccination expected by 01 November 2021. The government has kept the economy going with plenty of incentives for buyers and assistance to help businesses stay afloat. Low interest rates look as if they are to remain for the foreseeable future. This past month the Northern Beaches have still achieved record housing prices, and buyer activity remains high. These factors indicate that the Spring market will continue at a steady pace. Real Estate agents have become accustomed to virtually anything and have been able to practice everyday duties in a safe manner

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