Why Is a Real Estate Agent’s Role Important?

July 8, 2019
by Sahar Ayubi

Selling your home doesn’t have to be an emotional and stressful experience. A Real Estate Agent can take the emotion and stress out of the sales process for you. They work as a neutral party (on your behalf) to sell your home to the right buyer. They’re also more likely to negotiate the best possible price.

When you decide to move on, you need someone with expert, current knowledge of the property market. A professional Real Estate Agent constantly trains and keeps up to date, in order to sell property for the highest price, in the shortest time.

What happens in a local property market needs to be looked at as a whole. Property experts know how to identify trends, understand external factors that impact the market, and are aware of upcoming changes.

A professional Real Estate Agent will give you honest advice. This includes an up to date market appraisal, which will tell you the current value of your property within the local market. Even if this dollar value is less than you’d like to get for your property, a good agent will manage your expectations from beginning to end. A realistic perspective will help you achieve the best sale possible at that particular time.

Real Estate Agents also have specific skills suited to buying and selling real estate. These include negotiation skills, which they use to help their clients achieve their real estate aspirations. Real Estate is a people-focused industry. That means good communication skills help agents to work with both you and potential buyers, to keep the process smooth and on track. An expert in property will therefore have excellent networking skills. Over time, they build relationships with potential buyers – ready to match the right ones with your property.

The process of selling and buying is a little like a maze – it can be daunting (and often confusing) to navigate through. A good real estate agent though, will guide you through the process with advice tailored to your situation.

There’s no denying, deciding to sell your home is a big decision. The stress of all the boxes you need to tick and the knock-on effects of moving can be alleviated when you have an expert in your corner. They can help as much or as little as you need. An excellent Real Estate Agent will be on hand to answer all your questions – big or small!

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