February 17, 2022
by Hannah Carney
Designing functional spaces of love and fun. As we move into our third year of the pandemic, navigating through what now seems like the new world and the new normal of unpredictability, we are still finding comfort, retreat and safety within the home. Research increasingly shows that the way we live in our homes can directly influence our mood and overall health. We continue to see design trends that focus on creating calm, relaxed and emotionally stable atmospheres. Let’s explore more interior design trends for the new year: Functional Spaces of Love and Fun Throughout 2022 we will also see the continuation of the home used for everything our day-to-day routine involves. Work, school, exercise, relaxation, and socialising are just a few subjects that remain the main focus in setting up functional spaces in our home to be loving and fun. Travel is still an unpredictable topic and one that

News & Insights

It’s 2022 and the team is back in full swing! After a crazy couple of years dealing with reoccurring lockdowns and restrictions, it looks as if things are finally looking up, and we’re on track to living in a new-normal world once again. In just four weeks we have noticed
As we near the end of 2021, we look back on a truly eventful year for Schwarz. After 20 long years in Freshwater we relocated office down the hill to much larger headquarters in North Manly, brought on new community sponsorships and achieved record results despite 3 months in lockdown.
If you didn’t know already, Schwarz are the proud major sponsors of One Eighty, a Northern Beaches based youth mental health charity run by young adults for young adults. One Eighty was established in response to a number of youth suicides in the area. They run a number of programs
The sale of 36 Dalley Street was a bittersweet one, the property was held by the Baker family line for 107 years. Although the property sold for a fantastic result, that also meant it was the end of an era! Prior to placing the home on the market, the Schwarz
First impressions count for a lot when selling real estate—in fact, perhaps more than you might think. Buying or selling real estate can be an emotional and stressful time for many people, and is often regarded as being one of life’s “big 5 events”. So, if you want to help
Whilst Greater Sydney has been in lockdown for over two months now, it is safe to say Sydney siders are starting to see the light and the end of the tunnel. The NSW premiere Glady’s Berejiklian has announced that some restrictions will ease from 17 October 2021 when NSW reaches
Schwarz are taking advantage of all the greatest technologies to provide our clients with virtual market appraisals. Virtual is no different to face-to-face appraisals, other than the fact that they are conducted over a camera device. Therefore, our recommended listing price will be as accurate as always. Here is how
10 steps to reduce tax on your investment property Maximise your returns with these 10 steps on how to reduce tax on your investment property. 1. Know what you can claim Many of the expenses involved in owning an investment property are tax deductible. Property investors can typically claim deductions
Excited to announce that Schwarz are officially PROUD SPONSORS of One Eighty! One Eighty is a youth mental health charity, run by young adults for young adults. Founded in 2017 by Paris Jeffcoat, Samanatha Callendar and Leanne Westlake, created in response to the concern and occurrence of youth suicide on