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At Schwarz Real Estate, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of rental properties in the Northern Beaches. Our portfolio includes various options to cater to every lifestyle and budget. As experts in the local market, we understand this area’s unique charm and appeal, making us ideally equipped to help you find your ideal home. Whether you’re searching for a cosy apartment or a spacious family residence, our carefully curated properties for rent in the Northern Beaches will meet your needs.

With over 20 years of experience, we ensure each property is well-maintained and ready to become your next home. Explore our listings and discover the perfect rental property in the Northern Beaches that aligns with your aspirations and lifestyle.


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Looking for houses for rent in the Northern Beaches? Schwarz Real Estate is here to assist. Our selection features homes that blend comfort with style, nestled in one of Australia’s most coveted regions. Each of our listings is chosen for its unique qualities, ensuring that we have houses to rent in the Northern Beaches that cater to various preferences. 

Whether you’re seeking a modern abode close to the vibrant local cafes and shops or a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature, our portfolio has something for everyone. Trust us to provide a seamless renting experience backed by our quality and customer satisfaction commitment. Start your journey with Schwarz Real Estate and find your dream home in the Northern Beaches today.

2 Bedroom Houses for Rent

Find the ideal blend of comfort and convenience with our 2 bedroom house for rent in the Northern Beaches. Each home in our collection is thoughtfully designed to maximise space and functionality, perfect for small families, couples, or professionals. With modern amenities, these properties offer a harmonious balance of style and practicality. Choose from a range of locations within the Northern Beaches, each offering its unique charm and community feel, ensuring you find a 2 bedroom house that feels like home.

3 Bedroom Houses for Rent

Our 3 bedroom house for rent in the Northern Beaches collection caters to families and groups seeking extra space and comfort. These homes are designed with family living in mind, offering ample room for relaxation, play, and entertainment. Located in serene and picturesque neighbourhoods, our 3 bedroom houses blend community atmosphere with privacy. Whether it’s a backyard for weekend barbecues or a spacious living area for family gatherings, these properties are ideal for creating lasting memories in the beautiful Northern Beaches.

Luxurious Homes with Breathtaking Views

Experience the pinnacle of luxury living with our selection of homes offering breathtaking views of the Northern Beaches. Each property is a testament to elegance and exclusivity, boasting high-end finishes and architectural excellence. Imagine waking up to panoramic ocean vistas or lush green landscapes every day. 

These homes are more than just a place to live; they’re a retreat from the ordinary, offering a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury and serenity in the heart of one of Australia’s most desirable locations.

Apartments for Rent Northern Beaches

Explore our choice of apartments for rent in the Northern Beaches, tailored to suit a modern, urban lifestyle. Each apartment is designed to focus on space, light, and contemporary living. Whether you’re a professional seeking a convenient city pad or a small family looking for a community-centric environment, our range of apartments in the Northern Beaches offers the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. Discover your ideal urban sanctuary with Schwarz Real Estate, where style meets practicality.

Modern Apartments with Amenities

Our modern apartments are not just about stylish living spaces but a lifestyle enhanced with amenities. Each apartment is a hub of contemporary living, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. From fitness centres and swimming pools to communal areas for socialising, our apartments offer more than just a home; they provide a community experience. 

Indulge in the convenience of modern amenities and enjoy a lifestyle that caters to your wellness and social needs, all within the comfort of your apartment complex.

Central Locations and Convenient Commutes

Prime Location: Situated in the heart of the Northern Beaches, our apartments offer easy access to local attractions, dining, and shopping.

Transport Links: Enjoy seamless connectivity with nearby transport options, making your daily commute stress-free and efficient.

Work-Life Balance: Strategically located to balance work and leisure, ensuring you spend less time commuting and more time enjoying life.

Community Hotspots: Proximity to community hubs, parks, and beaches, perfect for those who love an active and social lifestyle.

Granny Flats for Rent Northern Beaches

Schwarz Real Estate offers a charming selection of Granny Flats for rent in the Northern Beaches. These self-contained living spaces are perfect for individuals or couples seeking a private, cosy home. Each granny flat combines functional design with a homely atmosphere, ensuring a comfortable living experience. Nestled in serene neighbourhoods, our granny flats are ideal for those who appreciate peace and independence while close to the vibrant Northern Beaches community.

1 Bedroom Granny Flats: Compact & Cosy

Our 1 bedroom granny flats for rent in the Northern Beaches are the epitome of compact and cosy living. Perfectly suited for singles or couples, these flats provide a snug and efficient living space without sacrificing comfort or style. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to optimise space, offering a combination of practicality and charm. Embrace the simplicity of living in a space that caters to your needs, set in the picturesque backdrop of the Northern Beaches, where tranquillity meets convenience.

Why Choose Granny Flats in Northern Beaches?

Privacy: Enjoy your own space with the privacy and independence a granny flat offers.

Affordability: A cost-effective living solution without compromising quality or location.

Community Access: Live in a tranquil area while staying connected to the Northern Beaches community.

Compact Living: Perfect for a more straightforward, manageable living space.

Ideal Location: Proximity to beaches, parks, and local amenities for a balanced lifestyle.

Customised Comfort: Each granny flat is uniquely designed to provide a comfortable and homely environment.

Why Choose Schwarz Real Estate

  • Local Expertise: Deep Northern Beaches real estate market knowledge.
  • Personalised Service: Tailored solutions to meet individual client needs.
  • Proven Track Record: Over 20 years of successful real estate transactions.
  • Comprehensive Portfolio: Wide range of real estate for rent in the Northern Beaches.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritise your satisfaction and property goals.
  • Professional Team: Experienced and dedicated real estate professionals.
  • Transparent Operations: Honest and straightforward communication at every step.

Trusted by Residents of Northern Beaches

Schwarz Real Estate has earned the trust of the Northern Beaches community through consistent, reliable, and professional real estate services. Our deep understanding of the local market and our commitment to client satisfaction have made us a preferred choice for property needs. Whether you’re renting, buying, or selling, our team’s expertise and personalised approach ensure a seamless and rewarding experience, reflecting our dedication to excellence in all aspects of real estate.

Smooth Rental Process

Personal Consultation: Understanding your specific needs and preferences.
Diverse Listings: Access a wide range of rental properties.
Efficient Matching: Quickly connecting you with suitable properties.
Transparent Communication: Keeping you notified at every phase.
Hassle-Free Paperwork: Streamlined administrative processes.
Ongoing Support: Assistance throughout your rental journey.

Affordable Rates & Transparent Deals

At Schwarz Real Estate, we believe in offering high-quality rental solutions at affordable rates. Our transparent deals mean no hidden costs or surprises, ensuring a straightforward and honest transaction. We’re committed to providing value for money, ensuring our clients receive the best possible service and rental options within their budget. Trust us for fair pricing and unambiguous terms, making your property rental experience both satisfying and cost-effective.

Make Your Next Move with Schwarz Real Estate

Ready to explore the Northern Beaches’ vibrant real estate landscape? Connect with Schwarz Real Estate today. Our expertise extends beyond rentals to buying, selling, and managing properties. Let us guide you through a stress-free and successful property journey. With our personalised service, extensive local knowledge, and commitment to excellence, we’re here to turn your real estate aspirations into reality. Contact us now and see the first step towards a rewarding property experience with a team you can trust.