February 17, 2022
by Hannah Carney
Designing functional spaces of love and fun. As we move into our third year of the pandemic, navigating through what now seems like the new world and the new normal of unpredictability, we are still finding comfort, retreat and safety within the home. Research increasingly shows that the way we live in our homes can directly influence our mood and overall health. We continue to see design trends that focus on creating calm, relaxed and emotionally stable atmospheres. Let’s explore more interior design trends for the new year: Functional Spaces of Love and Fun Throughout 2022 we will also see the continuation of the home used for everything our day-to-day routine involves. Work, school, exercise, relaxation, and socialising are just a few subjects that remain the main focus in setting up functional spaces in our home to be loving and fun. Travel is still an unpredictable topic and one that

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