August 2, 2021
by Sahar Ayubi
Schwarz are taking advantage of all the greatest technologies to provide our clients with virtual market appraisals. Virtual is no different to face-to-face appraisals, other than the fact that they are conducted over a camera device. Therefore, our recommended listing price will be as accurate as always. Here is how they work. What do I need to do a virtual appraisal? Our agents can perform a virtual inspection via Face-Time, WhatsApp or Skype. Ensure your internet connection is working, and which ever app you have installed is on a device with camera (Phone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop). Booking a virtual appraisal? Simply contact Cranston Schwarz on 0413 142 222 to schedule an appointment and at suitable time. Alternatively, you can click the following link and enter your details and agent will be in touch with you shortly – How does the agent conduct a virtual appraisal? The agent will start from

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