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Rental Market Update

March 5, 2021
by Sahar Ayubi

What’s happening in the rental market Schwarz?
Leased Properties – 13
Highest Rental Price – $2,000 p/w
Avg. Days on Market – 7

If you are thinking about listing your property for lease on the market, now may be just the right time. There has been lots of tenant acitivity, just last week Schwarz leased 4 properties in one day, and the highest rental price was $2,000 per week for a home. There is a real shortage in houses and large apartments on the market, which has led to an increase in rental prices for these types of properties.

This time last year the market started slowing down due to signs of a pandemic. February-April, rental returns depreciated, landlords were panicking, and other agencies were quick to slash the prices, putting their landlords in a financial loss. Now in 2021, with strong signs in the Northern Beaches rental market, it is a great time to perform an investment property health check.

Here are our tips to help you make an assessment:

  • Review your rental income
  • Building depreciation
  • Review your management agency
  • Insurance policies
  • Review your mortgage


Get in touch with Business Development Manager, Domenic Coniglio – who specializes in helping landlords achieve wealth through property, Dom knows the ins and outs of investments and property management and can help you Rent Well.

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