Rent well: what makes or breaks your renting experience?

April 10, 2019
by Sahar Ayubi

Renting can be a great option.

So, what can make being a tenant better than owning? And what can ruin your renting experience?

For starters, there’s plenty of availability right now. If you’ve already decided you need to rent, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of properties available on the market. That means securing a property doesn’t need to be your first concern. The process is straightforward, as long as you’re upfront with all the information required. That leaves you more room to find the right property for your needs.

It’s not just about the rental property itself though.

Amongst your bigger concerns might be how you’ll be treated by your landlord and Property Manager. Will they return your calls and get things done? Will they be a hassle? Will they respect this as your home? If a landlord or Property Manager is friendly, responsive and helpful, you’re more likely to stay in the property as a long-term renter. That could reduce the amount of moves you make. Better for you, and better for your landlord.

Remember that the right Property Manager is there to help you. They want you to be happy in your home. A good Property Manager works tirelessly for both tenants and landlords alike. They will advise your landlord, keep them on track with property maintenance, and help manage their expectations. They will also help you to understand your responsibilities as a tenant, make sure you’re happy in your property and able to enjoy the many benefits of renting. Be nice to them, they deserve it!

A renter’s advantage?

Contrary to popular belief, renting isn’t ‘less’ than homeownership – when you decide it’s what works best for you. In fact, it can be all about choice and flexibility. Financially speaking, as a tenant you’re not locked into a long-term mortgage and can live based on your means as they change. It’s also easier to relocate, based on where you need to work, how you want to enjoy your downtime, or be positioned for good schools, for example.

Life as a tenant has better financial certainty. On the whole, you know what you’re spending and when. This is because you’re not committed to unexpected bills like maintenance or replacing key services like water heating systems. You’re also free from the upfront sums needed to buy a property.

Choice, flexibility and financial certainty.

These add up to a largely stress-free property experience. That is, provided you have a good Property Manager who looks out for you. That can make or break your rental experience, so don’t just think about the property – think about the Real Estate agency and the Property Manager who are best for you and your needs. Take time to talk to them when you inspect a property. Find out what you need to know – not only about the property – but what the Property Manager’s role will be and the expectations of the landlord.

Our experience at Schwarz is that tenants can be happy, comfortable and relaxed in their homes – if they are treated as the important clients they are. That’s why we believe in building relationships, communicating regularly and being available to you when we’re needed.

Our Property Management team is ready to help you every step of the rental way. Get in touch today with your questions!

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