Pets in properties: welcome or not?

September 5, 2019
by Sahar Ayubi

There are benefits to be had if you can welcome tenants with pets.And if you’re planning to sell? It’s worth bearing in mind that prospective buyers will want to know if their pet will be welcome in an apartment block before they buy.

So, how can you offer prospective buyers the reassurance they need? If you own an apartment, you can speak to your Strata Manager. Check what the current pet policy and approval process is for your building.

What about renting out your property to people with pooches? You may have an ideal tenant in mind. They will be neat, quiet, careful and reliable. And if you’re not planning to live in the property yourself any time soon – they’ll also be long-term tenants.

One way to encourage long-term tenants in your investment property is to allow their furry friends to join them. It might sound daunting at first. What about the damage? Are the neighbours going to be annoyed by a noisy pet? Luckily, there are measures you can put in place.

Here are our top three recommendations:

  1. Before you start, find a good property manager.

They will take a little extra time to talk to prospective tenants about their pets. That way they can help settle any worries you might have. It helps tenants understand their responsibilities, but can also work to make them feel welcome. Looking for a rental property with a pet can sometimes make tenants feel left on the outside!

  1. Style your property to last

When you think about it, preparing your property for rent should take into consideration wear and tear – regardless of whether pets are going to live there or not. Flooring, paint and furnishings (if you’re renting a furnished property) can all be chosen on the basis of being hardwearing, easy to maintain and clean.

  1. Get it in writing

The contract is another way you can protect your property. This is where you make it clear that tenants are responsible for their pets, their behaviour and any damage that results from them living in your property. There may be restrictions on the number and type of pets allowed. You may even want to specify certain requirements for keeping the place clean.

It’s worth knowing that at Schwarz we’ve already thought about what happens when pets live in your property. We include a standard contract clause aimed at protecting you against pet damage. This stipulates that if the approved tenants have pets, they will need to steam clean any carpet in the property and fumigate it at the end of their lease. We make sure tenants verify this with invoices from registered service providers.

Finally, don’t forget the bond. This will cover you for any damage caused by tenants (or their pets!) at the end of the tenancy period. It’s also worth checking your Landlord insurance. Some policies can be tailored to cover you for damage caused by pets.

If you’re still unsure though, talk to your Schwarz Property Management Team. We can help you prepare your property to be pet-friendly, find the right tenants, ensure you have a contract that works for everyone and conduct regular inspections.

#RentWell with Schwarz.