Schwarz Property Management Team

5 property managers to help you get the best out of renting

May 21, 2019
by Hannah Carney

Part 3 of the Schwarz Landlord Advice Series

Part of our unique offering to you, is each member of our rental property management team. Every one of them brings something special to their work with you.

So, this week, we asked our Property Management team to give us a snippet about themselves. Here’s what they said…

Jessica Crouch, Property Investment Manager.

“I’m the perfect match maker for a long ‘marriage’.”

Emma Jansen, Property Investment Manager.

“With a background in psychology, I’m able to provide empathy and understanding during the mediation process.”

Jo Ferguson, Property Investment Manager.

“I can offer expertise in property styling and renovations.”

Christina Han, Property Investment Manager.

“Communication is key! I’m tri-lingual (English, Mandarin and Japanese). I’m also an expert in accounting.”

Vanessa Longo, Leasing Consultant.

“My mission is to go over and above to help you. That includes everything from matching tenants to the right property and arranging measurements as part of the tenancy introduction.”

Next week, we share our advice on how to keep good tenants for longer.

Our Property Management team have the skills to bring you the best – whether you’re a landlord looking for new tenants or better management, a recent property investor who doesn’t have time to manage the nitty gritty of your investment or a tenant wanting to find a great property. We’re understandably proud of them and hope you decide to work with them.

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