Ashley Van Deyk

Sales Associate
Mobile Number: 0478 009 390

Role at Schwarz:
Ashley’s role here at Schwarz is to gauge the current market, understand the risks and opportunities that are presenting themselves and then educate her clients on how they can get the best possible outcome. She provides her vendors and buyers with all the facts and supports them in making a strategic and educated decision.

Ashley worked in Account management for over 5 years before coming to real estate in 2019, which explains her polished high touch contact approach to both vendors and buyers alike. Being able to communicate and be easily accessible are crucial in her work.

Accountability, Ashley takes great pride in leaving no stone unturned and doing what she says she is going to. Being honest and working hard for her clients allows that trust to flourish into amazing long-term relationships for years after working together.

Why she loves her job:
“Selling a house is nothing in comparison to selling a home. Being present on that journey, whether it is a couples first apartment and chance to live together, or the house they raised their family in, getting to work with something so sacred and personal gives you a real gratitude for how lucky we are.”

When she’s off duty:
Ashley likes to embody the ideology of active living. A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand for Ash.

Favourite spot on the beaches:
As a local, her favourite spot is Manly. Always having something new to try or a different restaurant to visit, no two days in manly are the same.