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Top 5 Tips for Building A Successful Property Marketing Campaign

October 11, 2021
by Sahar Ayubi

First impressions count for a lot when selling real estate—in fact, perhaps more than you might think.

Buying or selling real estate can be an emotional and stressful time for many people, and is often regarded as being one of life’s “big 5 events”. So, if you want to help alleviate the stress of selling and ensure a home sells quickly, getting your property to look “just right” is paramount in order to quickly attract buyers.

But, what’s more, according to real estate experts, first-class presentations can also “add value” to your home and help you achieve a higher than anticipated price.

But how to do this?

Well, check our top five techniques below, and let us at Schwarz Real Estate help get your home ready to go to the market… and hopefully achieve a quick sale at the optimum price!

There are several steps to follow as shown below, some of which can be carried out concurrently:


After an inspection by our sales and marketing team, and before we launch a marketing campaign, we will provide you with some essential “do’s” and “don’ts” such as:

if you are living in a house what’s the first thing prospective purchasers see when they come to view? Right…, the garden. So, have the grass cut, the weeds pulled, trees pruned, all of the leaves tidied up, the hedge trimmed, the garden gate fixed and so on.

Undertake any really obvious repairs such as leaking gutters or water downpipes or roofs, even if these is evidence of past leaks (not current leaks), have the affected areas attended to. Certain minor renovations will definitely make your property more presentable and may even add more value to your home, these can include a fresh coat of paint, new wallpaper, modernise lighting, add new blinds, flooring, even cosmetic kitchen and bathroom renovations. Last but but not least… tidy up! Your house is being lived in but no purchaser wants to wander round an untidy house!


Styling can be said to be a step beyond presentation. Presentation can make your property, well…, presentable… styling can make it look like a “million dollars”.

In fact, it’s often said that professionally styling a home can increase the sale prices by an average of 10%.

Styling works well especially for older apartments which need to be brightened up, but also for homes which have older furniture or décor and lack natural light or colours.

We usually work with a local interior design team called Styleness in Brookvale who have over two decades of experience in creating beautiful and functional spaces in the home.

Professional Photography

With the ongoing improvement in smartphone photographic quality, it’s tempting to think that a few quick snaps with your I-phone camera will do the trick. But don’t be fooled, there’s nothing quite like having professional photographs.

As the old adage says, “an image paints 1000 words” or in real estate terms: “professional images sell homes!”

Photographs are amongst the first things that prospective purchasers look at on any agent’s website. Buyers are making a judgment of what property to view by the photos they are looking at. And it’s not just the agent’s site where these photos will be displayed, but they will be used for print marketing, social media, real estate portals, sign boards etc.

At Schwarz we always take a number of attractive “style shots” to ensure we highlight special features of a property.

Eye-catching description

Apart from visually pleasing photographs (or video or 360-degree virtual tours[KH1] ) we need to prepare a wonderfully descriptive piece about a home for a prospective purchaser. Our chosen words can paint an emotive picture for buyers, so that they can imagine themselves in the home before they have even been there.

The art of copywriting can do this and Schwarz pride themselves on great copy, giving clear, concise information, and tempting purchasers to view your home.

Social Media

Nowadays, successful property marketing is heavily reliant on social media. With around 8 in 10 people using social media it’s a place your property needs to be—and be seen

With such huge visitor numbers, there’s no doubt that social media platforms are an integral part of any property marketing plan.

Schwarz’s professional team works with digital advertising specialists to create sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram, gaining up to 70% more exposure for your property.

Interested to know more?

Well, for more tips on how best to start marketing your property or to speak to a professional about listing your home on the market with Schwarz please get in touch with us by email or call (02) 9939 5400.

We look forward to working with you—and selling your home!