2022 Interior Design Trends

February 17, 2022
by Hannah Carney

Designing functional spaces of love and fun.

As we move into our third year of the pandemic, navigating through what now seems like the new world and the new normal of unpredictability, we are still finding comfort, retreat and safety within the home.

Research increasingly shows that the way we live in our homes can directly influence our mood and overall health. We continue to see design trends that focus on creating calm, relaxed and emotionally stable atmospheres. Let’s explore more interior design trends for the new year:

Functional Spaces of Love and Fun

Throughout 2022 we will also see the continuation of the home used for everything our day-to-day routine involves. Work, school, exercise, relaxation, and socialising are just a few subjects that remain the main focus in setting up functional spaces in our home to be loving and fun.

Travel is still an unpredictable topic and one that we thrive on. If we can’t travel, let’s bring our favourite destinations into the spaces we love. Why not tell a story of ‘you’ within the home? Bring those memories out and showcase what truly resonates. Showcase those unique pieces that bring back beautiful memories of when travelling had no limits. Surround your home with what you love and what brings you energy and life.

Inspired By Nature

Shades and textures that bring a sense of grounding to interiors will continue to rise. Bringing the serenity of the outdoors inside, we see popular shades of earthy, warm tones of browns, mustards and greens. With Pantone’s colour of the year for 2022 being Very Peri, also expect to see more pastel colour waves being bought into the home.

Natural elements of wood, marble, stone, terracotta being part of furniture and accessories, splashbacks, and tiles will offer beauty in the organic imperfections. Timbers that have been teased with beautiful lighter shades and darker tones will make more of a comeback. The beauty we find in marble will be enhanced with deep, contrasting, and dominating grains that will be the hero alone in any room complimented with simplistic and calm accents.

Locally Made and Sourced

Homeowners are increasingly selective about where and how their furniture and structures are being made. With the shipping delays due to the global pandemic, stock shortages, and rising delivery fees, locally made and sourced items have become more favourable. You can also find unique, interesting, and customised pieces with local, quality furniture makers.

Continuation of Curves

In 2021 we embraced the expanding range of curves, and this will continue into 2022. Curves soften the look, adding to a feeling of calm, ease and a ‘go with the flow’ approach. This takes away from the structured and more dominating look of straight lines and sharp angles, which we have seen previously for many years. Look out for more incredible creations with curves using timbers and marble.


More people are also choosing to stay and cook at home with the recent pandemic and restaurants limiting their bookings. Consider your social gatherings at home and enhance the experience with a creative and beautifully styled table to impress your guests. Tablescaping, or the art of table setting, adds more fun and love to your home; there is a theme for every occasion, from the summer holidays to a special event.

Experimenting with Features

Keeping the home fun and loving, we might even see more confidence in branching out and experimenting with colours and patterns, not just small amounts here and there, but adding to a room, such as feature walls and wallpaper.

Towards the end of 2021, we started seeing more abstract and interesting handmade objects. These pieces and vases will be seen more throughout this next year, adding to a fun and playful home with a sense of humour, allowing us to feel the best we can in our own environments.

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Written by Jenny Godfrey
January 31, 2022